Onions on Sock to Detoxify your Body

Anyone who puts a slice of onion under the sole of the foot at night is said to detoxify his body.

There are people who put onions under the sole of the foot at night and secure them against slipping with socks. 

What is behind it? What kind of effects should it have and what does this method really do? Is it worth it to go to bed with an onion?

Onions for acupuncture?

Onions in the sock? Why? Background of the theory, which is behind the "onion method" is also the foot reflexology massage. 

Onions under the sole of the foot should have health-promoting effects on certain organs, as they should also have foot reflexology. 

The foot reflexology or foot reflexology therapy assumes that there are certain zones on the soles, of which there are solid connections, so-called reflex paths, to the other body regions. 

Like on a map, all organs should find themselves on the soles of the feet in certain places. By means of a pressure point massage of the affected areas on the foot, the corresponding reflexes should be used to influence the corresponding body regions and possible disorders of their function.

It is primarily intended to help against circulatory disorders in the organs and other body regions and is even used in pain therapy. However, scientific studies have not been able to prove their effects clearly so far.

Onions: all-rounder of nature!

Onions with their pungent essential oils have an antibacterial and expectorant effect, which makes them ideal for use against coughing. 

For example, children are given onion wraps for coughing, in order to have the healing effect of the sharp tubers on the outside of the respiratory tract. 

In the method of putting onions under the feet, the onion should ensure that overnight the blood is cleansed "from the bottom up" of the body and detoxifies the whole body. Does that work and is it necessary at all?

Is it necessary to detoxify and purify the body?

At the end of his life, man is strictly hazardous waste. Environmental toxins such as heavy metals, microplastics, and other pollutants accumulate in our body. Especially the fatty tissue stores these substances in large quantities. 

Because we humans are at the top of the food chain, our food also absorbs the environmental toxins that lower parts of the food chain have already stored in their body fat. 

Our body is well-equipped with liver, kidney, and intestine to excrete pollutants even without a "purifying cure". For all alleged proof of effectiveness by advocates of the "purification", there are scientific medical explanations, which, however, have nothing to do with the detoxing itself.

In medicine, the term "purification" does not exist, it comes from naturopathy and is only transmitted orally. 

He is not mentioned even in the guidelines of the fasting. "Purifying" juices, cures and treatments like the onion under the sole of the foot only calm your conscience and nothing else.

Less poison in the body!

If you want to do something that reduces toxins in your body, onions in the sock really do not help. But you can still do something about it to reduce your exposure to toxins yourself! 

If you've run a bad lifestyle with high levels of pollution so far, there's only one thing left to you: everything will be different from now on! 

In the fatty tissue and also in the bone tissue to accumulate toxic substances, residues of drugs, heavy metals and other harmful substances from food and the environment.

The toxins and pollutants already stored in the fabric must not be removed by cures, drinks, onions in the sock and other means. Since these substances are stored firmly in our body tissue, it is almost impossible to mobilize them again and "flush out". 

It is therefore important to always take care to absorb as little toxins and pollutants. 

Pollutants can be environmental toxins or even residues of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in your food. 

This includes not only the food but also the burden of chemicals through cosmetics, medicines and environmental pollution - including by toxic dyes, solvents, etc. in your own home!

Not only your liver but also other organs and body functions will thank you because today we know: Many health problems are due to high levels of pollution. 

Because "detoxify through detoxifying" is not possible, now prevent, that you do not have to "detoxify" or "purify"!

What to do?

It is important to keep the toxin and pollutant levels in the body low. This is quite simple: 

• Always buy food from safe sources, the more natural and unprocessed, the better! 

• Prefer food from certified organic farming. There pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are prohibited! 

• Use certified natural cosmetics or self-made cosmetics! 

• Avoid using chemical cleaners and trust vinegar, soda, and lemon!

• Get involved with natural materials and do without furniture made of chipboard with toxic adhesives and dyes! 

• Stop smoking!

Learn that anything that does not get into your body at all can never make you sick. True to the motto of a housewife: avoiding dirt is always better than cleaning dirt!
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