Shake with pineapple and chia seeds for losing weight

Both chia seeds and pineapples support the cleansing of the organism and at the same time have a filling effect. In addition, both ingredients promote intestinal transit. 

Losing weight is often important not only for the sake of the figure, but especially because it can prevent a variety of diseases that can be caused by obesity or obesity. 

Many are aware that excessive body weight can have very negative health effects. 

The problem with this is that many resort to harmful weight loss methods, such as "miracle diets" that exclude certain food groups.

However, there are also many easy-to-access diet plans that are healthy, and more and more information about effective and on a case-by-case appropriate diets. 

In addition, various dietary supplements are available to promote metabolism, which in turn simplifies weight loss while stopping the constant feeling of hunger. 

Today we recommend a natural shake of pineapple and chia seeds, which have shown their effectiveness in losing weight due to the high nutritional value. 

Then you learn more about the properties of these ingredients and also find the recipe for the shake, so you can enjoy this at home.

Shake with pineapple and chia seeds for losing weight

This shake with pineapple and chia seeds is an excellent and healthy way to support a weight loss diet. 

The properties of these ingredients help in the removal of residual substances that accumulate in the body and at the same time reduce the fatty tissue. 

Benefits of pineapple for weight loss

This tropical fruit contains a lot of water and antioxidants and is therefore excellent for promoting weight loss. 

The pineapple has a strong diuretic and cleansing effect: It promotes the elimination of fluids and residues and also controls inflammatory processes in the organism. 

The main benefits of the pineapple are due to the ingredient Bromelain. This is an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of hard-to-digest proteins. 

This enzyme thus promotes digestion and therefore also helps with constipation, gas formation and flatulence. 

In addition, pineapple contains lots of fiber, which is also good for digesting food and controlling cholesterol levels.

Benefits of chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds are among the most popular means of weight loss. It's not a miracle cure, but these small seeds have proven to be very helpful in losing a few pounds because of their excellent properties. 

Chia seeds contain 5 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more iron than spinach and more fiber than oats. 

In addition, they are characterized by antioxidant and digestive effects, which are very important to purify the organism. 

The regular consumption of chia seeds regulates feelings of hunger and prevents constipation. It also provides the body with high quality proteins.

Recipe for a shake with pineapple and chia seeds

This shake helps to reduce weight in a healthy way and can be considered as a nutritional supplement. It is not a main meal. 

You can drink this shake for breakfast and should not forget to combine it with other healthy foods such as eggs, wholemeal and vegetables. 


• 2 pineapple slices 
• 2 tablespoons chia seeds (20 g) 
• 2 orange juice 
• 1/2 glass of water (100 ml) 
• honey (0ptional) 


• Peel the pineapple and cut into two large slices, then cut into cubes. 
• Squeeze the oranges and add the juice along with the pineapple pieces, honey and water to the blender jar.
• Process everything until a homogeneous drink is produced. 
• Decorate with chia seeds, then the drink can be served. 
• You can soak the chia seeds in water for at least two hours and process them with the remaining ingredients in the blender. 
• Drink this shake on an empty stomach as part of breakfast or if you have cravings. 

Do not forget that you can only benefit from the healthy properties of this shake if you at the same time respect a healthy, low-calorie diet and exercise regularly.
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