Back Pain - When the Soul Cries

Statistically, 85% of all cases of back pain have no specific medical cause.

Such problems are then "only" caused by stress, mental problems, and nervous overload. When the stress disappears and the patients have some time to relax, the back pain usually disappears.

Chronic, psychosomatic back pain

People who suffer from anxiety, depressive moods or depression have a much higher risk of getting chronic back pain.

80% of people who suffer from chronic back pain also suffer from depression or depressive moods!

Common to all is: From a purely medical point of view, the back is perfectly healthy! Over-anxiousness, restraint or cautious movements make the condition worse and worse.

Sport, exercise, and relaxation then help more than any medication. For only when one is relaxed in the head, the brain can also send to the back muscles the "liberating" signal to relax.

Psychosomatic back pain and pain perception

How much one or the other feels pain is also very different.

Women like to laugh about men who are considered sensitive to pain, but there are also many women who experience pain more intensely than others. The social environment, mental stability, and history of patients have a major impact on pain perception.

So some back pain can be perceived by some as "unbearably bad", others just feel a "slight pull". The more attention is paid to pain, the stronger it becomes.

This not only affects back pain but also:

• Abdominal pain
• Headache
• joint pain

Back pain from stress

Under stress, we automatically tighten our muscles, unconsciously shrug our shoulders, cramp easily, without realizing it.

Those who handle stress well, relax and their body again. Those who have not learned how to handle stress properly do not release themselves from unconscious cramping and tension.

This creates, among other things, poor posture, restraint - and other tensions. And the muscles, which are so strained for a long time, then react with pain. And this is what you see as backache, among other things.

The cause? No herniated disc, no spine problems - just stress!

Cause: psyche!

Sufferers can not accept badly that they need psychological and not orthopedic help. Therefore, it is looking for causes to give the triggers for chronic back pain another "aftertaste".

To be able to explain to oneself: "I am not guilty, I can not change anything" is sought after for a medical reason, a name for the complaints.

And because even at a young age of about 30 years even the smallest signs of wear and tear on intervertebral discs and vertebrae are detectable, the alleged culprit is usually found quickly.

Wear and tear can not be reversed - as practical - they are even worse with increasing age!

Now it is up to you or the doctor to let yourself be freed from this vicious cycle of chronic back pain or liberated or lamenting your entire life.

Get to the bottom of the cause

Most chronic back pain only the symptoms, so the pain itself, fought.

Massages should relax the tense muscles and relax the patient. Physiotherapy should prevent and correct incorrect posture and stress due to restraint and tension.

Tablets should take the pain. But all these therapies are of no use if the cause, the sick soul, is not included.

After all, what good is a massage if the pressure on the soul just tenses up the muscles again, the psyche lets its shoulders pull up and the eternal cycle begins again?

If you feel that "all" therapies for your chronic back pain are powerless, go deep inside and wonder if it is not a psychologist who is the better point of contact and not the orthopedist!

Prevent depression

Depressive moods announce themselves quietly, recognizing them is not always easy.

Chronic back pain can be a symptom that is often overlooked. Make sure that you do not have a depressive mood.

If so, do not worry about the back pain, but let it help you not to slip into depression! You will see: is your soul better, laughs your back again!

Keep this in mind when you have back pain: 80% of people with chronic back pain also suffer from depression or depressive moods! If you are, then you have found the remedy: let me help you!
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