Enough is Enough!

It is important to dare to say at the right moment that it is enough now so that others have no chance to exploit you or destroy your self-esteem and hurt your well-being.

When was the last time you said loud and clear "enough"? This is not so easy. Taking the courage to take the first step and express yourself opens the door to emotional freedom.

In the course of life, everyone changes, even if this usually happens unconsciously. Also, certain things of personality, essence, values ​​, and behaviors change and, over time, allow us to better accept the difficulties of life.

We go forward and this is undoubtedly a mirror of mental and emotional health. Changes should not be feared, they are opportunities that allow us to find happiness, peace and inner well-being.

We invite you today to reflect on this topic.

"It's enough" 

If you stop for a moment and think about how many times you say "yes" in one day and how many times "no", you will become aware that you are trying to agree with most things and that denial is usually difficult, too if it were honest.

Our upbringing urges us to be polite and respectful, we are used to saying "yes" and thanking others for being available to others in a variety of situations.

Even if this is very generous and enriches us as a person, we should learn even in childhood strategies that promote our self-confidence. Then you will learn what this is about.

The importance of assertiveness

The assertiveness helps us to respect our rights, opinions, and needs with respect for other people as well.

• Undoubtedly, this is a difficult task. To be confident and to assert yourself, healthy self-esteem is the prerequisite. Of course, you also have to know where your limits are.

What are we ready to admit, what not?

• Once we know our boundaries, we need to be able to prevent others from crossing them and, of course, to violate the boundaries of others themselves.
• It is about respecting and being respected. To listen, but also to raise the voice, to express clearly and surely what is not wanted, what does not like or what hurts.
• Do not be afraid to use the personal pronoun "I" (I'm not ready to accept that you're talking to me like this, "I can not stand this situation anymore, that hurts me, "I feel inferior, I think you do not respect me").

Possible consequences of the statement "it's enough for me"

All changes are a bit frightening, bringing insecurity and sometimes risk, considering the potential consequences of certain actions leading to change.

• To say that it is enough in a complex family situation can, for example, cause people to react negatively and reject you.
• At work in an unbearable situation, you can even lose your job if you realize it's enough.
• If the children behave badly, they can respond "enough" that they do not love you.
• We are all afraid of possible consequences, but before they happen or you worry about them, you should think about what happens if you do not react and the negative situation continues.
• Sometimes it is more dangerous to linger in an unbearable present than to say "it's enough." Sometimes new ways open up where we can all win.

The need to be upright with our values

Our emotional integrity is closely related to whether we act according to our values ​​and attitudes.

If you get used to giving in, if you're just careful not to disappoint or always please others, sooner or later the day will come when you will not recognize yourself in the mirror.

• That's certainly the wrong attitude. We all know that you can not always do exactly what you want and that you can not always say everything you think.
• But you should be aware of it, be upright and respectful to yourself and others.
• For a good life together it is important to consider the needs of others, but you should also listen to your own heart and act in a balanced way.
• There can be no negotiation about inner peace, not even about one's dignity. If you allow others to hurt you and turn you into a supporting actor of your own life, you will lose self-esteem and your self-concept will be wounded.

Be consistent with your values. Listen to your inner voice and do not be afraid to "just say enough" when necessary.

Although we change over time, a 180 ° turn is not necessary. It's about taking a step forward to grow and move forward.
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